Mom Goodwin's Prophecy to Mel

In 1989, when this picture was taken, Sister Goodwin prophesied to a young Brother Mel concerning his ministry calling, saying:

 Mel honey, many are called [to be used in spiritual gifts], but few are chosen. 
You are chosen of God [to be used by the Lord in spiritual gifts], I know this.  And I have known this ever since I first met you.  Why do you think I have spent so much time with you?  I don't spend this much time with everyone who contacts me.  I have spent this much time with you because I knew that God was going to give you an anointed ministry, and you needed to know the things I could teach you so that you wouldn't mess yourself up. 
Now, I couldn't tell you this when I first met you because you would have been lifted up in pride, but I can tell you now:  You are going to have a strong ministry, an anointed ministry,  like some of the men of old.  This will happen for you, Mel . . . Now what 'men of old' means, I don't know, but you will know when it happens." 
    Sister Goodwin laid her hands on Mel and prayed for God to use him in spiritual gifts.  This was the last time Mel saw her alive.
          Parts of this prayer and word of prophecy began to come to pass only a few weeks later.  The Lord poured out the prophet's anointing on Mel, and began using him in giving messages in tongues, interpretations, prophecies, and other spiritual gifts.   
          In 2006, the rest of the word about having a ministry "like some of the men of old" began to come to pass.  People from around the world began sending Mel rare early Pentecostal recordings by the "men of old" who had pioneered the Pentecostal movement.  Most of these recordings had never been released to the public or copied before being given to Mel.  As Brother Mel listened to their sermons, his ministry  message and sermons  began to change to reflect the Pentecostal message of F. F. Bosworth, Howard Carter, Stanley Frodsham, the Goodiwns, and others.  
          In the years since then, the message Mel preaches has slowly changed to conform to that which was preached by "the men of old," and it has been well received.  Mel's website has received over 3 million hits from people in more than 160 countries, downloading his teachings, e-books, and the rare recordings.  Subscriptions to his e-newsletter have increased, and subscriptions to his podcast channel, "Voices of the Faith Giants" have reached more than 30,000 world-wide.  His biography of Mom and Dad Goodwin, The Genuine Flow, has sold around the world and has been included in the curricula as a textbook at Bible Schools on two continents. 
          True to the prophetic word, Mel has "a ministry like some of the men of old."