Mel C. Montgomery

My mandate is to take the deep things of the Spirit of God, that were so well-known to the early Pentecostals, and to impart them to believers today.  In the following audios and videos, I draw from the training I received from the Goodwins and from my years of experience in spiritual operations.  You hear me both teach and flow in spiritual operations in the audios and videos below. 

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Media Files

Latest Audios and Videos
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Possessing Our Spiritual Inheritance

NEW  Ministered at Pillars Church in Grove, OK.  Brother Mel reveals the purpose of spiritual gifts and how to receive them.  He gives two messages in tongues and a prophecy also.  Length:  57 minutes.

How To Stir It Up When There's Nothing Left To Stir

NEW  The second message in Mel's series, "On Earth as it is in Heaven"  I misspoke at one point in the recording, and it sounds like I believe we will go through the seven years of the Tribulation on the earth.  I do not believe that.  I believe we WILL BE IN HEAVEN during those 7 years.  Length:  43:58.

The Power of Perfect Worship

NEW  The first message in Mel's series, "On Earth as it is in Heaven."  In addition to preaching, there are numerous manifestations of the gifts of tongues, interpretation of tongues, and prophecy.  Length:  48:40.

Walking in the Spirit

NEW.  This is a 10-minute video clip from Mel's participation in a Ministers Forum in Tulsa, OK.  The subject of this forum was, "Walking in the Spirit."

We Need A Charismatic Reformation

NEW.  Preached at The Glory Tabernacle in Rome, GA.  Mel details why we need to reform certain Charismatic teachings and practices.  Length:  60 minutes.

Mel Montgomery Videos
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Jesus Christ Makes You Whole

God not only heals, he replaces what was lost.  Length:  45 minutes.


In this second service at a small church in Arkansas, I was ministering to a congregation made up of ex-felons and ex-drug addicts.  They were so open in sharing with me their sins, struggles, and pasts.  That night, the Lord directed me to tell about my painful past and how God had made me whole.  I wrestled with this direction all night in my hotel room and eventually decided to tell publicly what I had never told before.  And I am so glad I obeyed the Lord.  A woman on the back row wept through the whole message and asked her pastor after the service, "Did you tell Brother Mel about me?  He just told my whole life story."  The Pastor replied, "I told Mel nothing about you or anyone else.  That was the working of the Holy Spirit."  God did some wonderful things in this service in the hearts of the people and in my own heart also.

Jesus Christ The Word Made Flesh

Jesus Christ was the embodiment of the perfect will of God.  Length:  33 minutes.


I ministered this message at a small young church in Arkansas.  I believe that although I met them on their level of being new to Christian doctrine, I nevertheless shared some profound and deep truths that will bless even the mature saint.  There are lots of interruptions, distractions, and extraneous noise.  Welcome to ministry in the real world!  You have to just preach and roll with the punches.  God was glorified, and we had a great time in the Lord.

Jesus is the Chief Cornerstone

A prophetic parable given by Mel Montgomery and Dean Remmers.  Length:  8 minutes.


Mel Montgomery was inspired by the Holy Spirit to speak and act out this prophecy at an H.I.M. ministers convention with the help of the Rev. Dean Remmers.  For the sake of clarity, this video clip has been edited to remove a distracting glitch, and this shows just the part that was given by prophecy. 

Know My Ways

A prophetic parable acted out in Chicago.  Length:  9 minutes.


I prophesied and acted out this prophetic parable at Destined to Win Christian Center in Chicago, pastored by Kelvin and Tonya Easter, who assisted me.  The Lord gave me this parable the night before the service in my hotel room.  You will see that I speak and act very slowly.  This is because the anointing was so heavy on me.  The Lord demonstrated some profound truths in this parable that those who desire to be used in spiritual gifts need to take to heart.  An audio of the sermon I preached after this parable entitled, "Make the Crooked Ways Straight," is available for you to listen to in the section entitled, "Living by Faith."

Book Trailers
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The Genuine Flow

The video for my book, "The Genuine Flow."  Length:  1 minute 49 seconds.


This book is a biography of my mentors, Mom and Dad Goodwin.  I tell the story of their early years, the miracles, and their relationships with Smith Wigglesworth, Kenneth Hagin Sr., John Osteen, Howard Carter, Billye Brim, Pat Harrison, and me.  Comments are contributed by:  Dr. Ralph Wilkerson, Dodie Osteen, Marilyn Hickey, Larry Huggins, Elizabeth Pruitt-Sloan, Ed Dufresne, and others who received from the Goodwins.  This book is 8-1/2 x 11" and has 240 pages.  I wrote this book with the cooperation of the Hagin, Goodwin, and Osteen families.  The Genuine Flow is used today as a textbook for teaching about spiritual gifts at Bible Schools in Australia, and Great Britain.

Living by Faith
Title Description Media
And Jesus Marveled . . . .

The Roman Centurion had "great faith" at which Christ marveled.  So can we.  Copyrighted Recording Length:  40 minutes.


Brother Mel examines the incident of the faith of the Centurion. He points out the aspects of this man's faith that Jesus marveled at, and termed "great faith." By knowing how the Centurion walked in great faith, so can we too know how to exercise great faith in our walk with the Lord today.

Comfortable Shoes

The Gospel of Jesus Christ identifies us exactly as we are, and shows us what we can be in Him.  Copyrighted Recording Length:  38 minutes.


Mel shows how the Gospel of Jesus Christ and the Word of God correctly identifies us, and fits us in the same way that comfortable shoes fit us.

Jesus Answered Her Not a Word

What to do when you pray and all you get from the Lord is silence.  Copyrighted Recording Length:  59 minutes.


Description of a visitation from the Lord that was given first to Mel's mother, and then to Mel. The Lord began talking to Mel about "great faith."  He asked Mel, "Did you notice that with the Syro-Phoenician woman, I answered her not a word?"  Mel answered, "Yes, Lord."  Then the Lord gave Mel a direction for prayer that will help you as you are seeking the Lord.

Jesus Christ: Our First Love

Learn from the moves of the past and the mistakes thereof so that you do not sit out the current move.  Copyrighted Recording Length:  78 minutes.


Learn from the moves of the past, and the mistakes thereof, so that you do not sit out the current move.  Two of the three biblical truths that had been emphasized to him by the Lord since the angelic visitations.  Brother Mel concluded by describing a vision the Lord gave him years ago of a powerful evil spirit that works against Christians, hindering them from receiving from God.  He concluded by sharing a testimony of personal revival and breakthrough, and invited ministers to come forward to seek the Lord, and to be prayed for to receive newness in God. 

Make the Crooked Ways Straight

What is, and is not, genuine prophetic ministry.  Copyrighted Recording Length:  73 minutes.


Mel presents the principles of prophetic ministry he learned from the Goodwins and from nearly 20 years of ministering in prophetic ministry.  He tells of how the Lord supernaturally led him to minister at this church and told him the subject on which he was to preach.  Length:  30 minutes.

Receiving Your Day of Visitation

Examples from the Bible of Christians engaging in false prophecy. Copyrighted Recording Length:  32 minutes.


Beginning of the evening service.  Mel wraps up his teaching on what is and is not genuine prophetic ministry, and begins to teach about how to receive from God. 

Media Interviews
Title Description Media
Rick Wiles Interview 2012

Rick Wiles interviews Brother Mel for his TruNews radio program in 2012.  

In this interview, Brother Mel shares with Rick wiles examples of the grace of God he witnessed in the aftermath of the tornado that destroyed much of his city of Joplin, MO.  They also discuss spiritual gifts and the need for the power of God to be manifested in local churches.  About halfway thorugh the broadcast, Mel gives a message in tongues and interprets it.  This program was broadcast around the world on Lester Sumrall's World Harvest Radio network.

Rick Wiles Interview 2007

Brother Mel is interviewed by Rick Wiles for his "Tru News" international radio program.  Interview follows a few minutes of news announcements.


Brother Mel is interviewed by Rick Wiles for his international radio program broadcast from West Palm Beach, FL that was heard throughout North and South America, Asia, Africa, and Europe on:  World Harvest Radio.  Program begins with about 10 minutes of news, then the interview begins.

Watchmen Radio

Richard Keltner of the Watchmen Radio program interviews Mel Montgomery.


Richard Keltner of the Watchmen Radio program in Long Island, NY interviews Brother Mel for his nation-wide radio program.  Among other things, they discuss the extreme teachings that have become so common in recent years.

Pastoral Ministry Series
Title Description Media
1. Characteristics of a Pastor I

An examination from I Timothy Chapter 3 of Paul's list of the characteristics of a genuine pastor. Copyrighted Recording Length:  28 minutes.


I have found that most pastors do not understand their calling.  And most congregation members do not know what to expect from a pastor.  Consequently, many times true pastoral ministry is distorted or is not allowed to happen at all.  In this series, I teach on the pastor's ministry.  I begin with n examination from I Timothy Chapter 3 of the characteristics indicative of a pastoral calling.  Copyrighted Recording Length:  28:00.