Holy Spirit Meetings

Collinsville (Tulsa), Oklahoma:  




Elizabeth Pruitt-Sloan's

Monthly Meetings





Sister Elizabeth's monthly Holy Spirit meetings are suspended for the time being.  These will resume as the Lord leads, and as logistics are worked out.





Rev. Elizabeth Pruitt-Sloan grew up in Aimee Semple-McPherson's church.  Aimee prophesied that Elizabeth was called to be an "end-times prophetess unto the Lord."  Elizabeth graduated in the Charter class of Rhema Bible Training center.  She had a close mentoring relationship with Kenneth Hagin Sr., and with Mom Goodwin.  Elizabeth is also the Founder and President of Helping Inspire Ministries (H.I.M.), a ministry fellowship and credentialing organization.



"Sister Elizabeth's Holy Spirit meetings are powerful times of teaching, prayer, and fellowship.  I never miss them unless my schedule demands I be elsewhere.  These meetings have been among the greatest blessings I've experienced in my life and years of ministry."

--Brother Mel



Come Believing God!

Holy Spirit Meetings


Suspended for now.

Make plans now to attend:


Guest Speaker:
Elizabeth Pruitt-Sloan and others
as the Spirit of God directs.
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