Holy Spirit Meetings

Collinsville (Tulsa), Oklahoma:  




Elizabeth Pruitt-Sloan's

Monthly Meetings





Sister Elizabeth's monthly Holy Spirit meetings are suspended for the time being.  These will resume as the Lord leads, and as logistics are worked out.



Attention H.I.M. Members:

The annual H.I.M. Ministers Convention will be held this year:

June 12, 13, and 14. in Branson, MO.


UPDATE:  April 11, 2014:


Hotel reservations must be made directly through Sister Elizabeth, not through the hotel.  (Please refer to the flyer that was mailed to you).  Please contact Elizabeth immediately if you plan to attend.  She requests that you either send her a check for $50 as a deposit, or the full $180 for a room if you plan to attend all three days.  Checks should be made out to F.F.C.M.  Don't delay.





Rev. Elizabeth Pruitt-Sloan grew up in Aimee Semple-McPherson's church.  Aimee prophesied that Elizabeth was called to be an "end-times prophetess unto the Lord."  Elizabeth graduated in the Charter class of Rhema Bible Training center.  She had a close mentoring relationship with Kenneth Hagin Sr., and with Mom Goodwin.  Elizabeth is also the Founder and President of Helping Inspire Ministries (H.I.M.), a ministry fellowship and credentialing organization.



"Sister Elizabeth's Holy Spirit meetings are powerful times of teaching, prayer, and fellowship.  I never miss them unless my schedule demands I be elsewhere.  These meetings have been among the greatest blessings I've experienced in my life and years of ministry."

--Brother Mel



Come Believing God!

Holy Spirit Meetings


Suspended for now.

Make plans now to attend:


Guest Speaker:
Elizabeth Pruitt-Sloan and others
as the Spirit of God directs.
Please Note:


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