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Brother Mel's Recommendation for H.I.M.: 

I was ordained for 13 years through a prominent non-denominational Charismatic ministry association.  In those 13 years, I never was contacted by, nor did I ever meet, any of the regional directors that were supposedly in authority over me.  When I called the national office asking for advice concerning ministry decisions, the national office never returned a single phone call.  I was nothing to them but a name on a list in their national directory.  In H.I.M. I have found a spiritual family that cares about me.  I am a passionate supporter of the vision given by the Lord to our Founder and President Rev. Elizabeth Pruitt-Sloan.  In encourage all ministers seeking licensing, ordination, or membership in a spiritual family to prayerfully consider joining Helping Inspire Ministries.

--Brother Mel.

 Helping Inspire Ministries

Our Vision:

The vision of Helping Inspire Ministries is to connect with ministers at all levels of development ranging from those just getting started in public ministry to those who have well-established ministries.  Rev. Elizabeth Pruitt-Sloan and the officers of H.I.M. are seasoned ministers who understand firsthand the joys and challenges that are present in every stage of ministry.  Our particular focus is to connect with ministers who are just getting started in ministry, providing a source for fellowship, networking, instruction, and mentoring. 

Who We Are:

Helping Inspire Ministries is a division of Faith Fellowship Church Ministries, a 501(c)3 Christian church and ministry association organized as a non-profit organization under the laws of the State of Oklahoma and recognized by the United States Internal Revenue Service as a non-profit organization.

Our Invitation to You:

            If the vision of H.I.M. speaks to your heart, you are invited to apply for licensing, ordination, or membership by downloading and following the directions contained in our Membership Packet:

Membership Packet PDF

Helping Inspire Ministries
PO Box 634
Broken Arrow, OK  74013


Rev. Elizabeth Pruitt-Sloan
Founder and President
Broken Arrow, OK

Rev. Lee Morgans
Collinsville, OK

Rev. Mel C. Montgomery
Director of Public Relations
Joplin, MO

Rev. Doyle Tucker
National Director
Tulsa, OK

Rev. Greg Baudek
Communications Coordinator
Grand Rapids, MN