Frequently Asked Questions

What do you think of (this fallen minister)?

My heart is grieved whenever any minister falls.  If the minister had a legitimate ministry, and he or she slips into immorality, I believe that with a great deal of repentence, counseling, and hard work,  it is possible for him or her to eventually be restored to ministry.  I do what I can to encourage such individuals to go through a legitimate restoration process.  When I am convinced that they are repentant and restored, I will minister with them, or for them.  However, I draw the line at predators in ministry.

What is your specific calling?

Although I have had a great deal of training in prophetic ministry from Mom Goodwin, and I have also served as a pastor, the Lord currently has me ministering in the area of healing, and preaching revivalist-type messages.

We see that you promote (this person's book), or that you appear as a guest for (that ministry). Do you agree with their teachings?

If I promote someone's book, it means that I believe in the majority of the teachings in that specific book, and that I appreciate the author's ministry.  I strongly disagree with the teachings of some Spirit-filled ministers.  However, I do my best to find common ground with them, and I minister for them in areas in which we agree.

What "camp" do you belong to?

For many years, I considered myself to be a part of a particular Charismatic camp.  However, in early 2010, the Lord directed me to cease doing this.  He told me to consider myself to be simply an "independent Spirit-filled Christian," and I have obeyed Him.  I do not intend this as a negative reflection on any Christian group.