Dear Financial Partner,

          In secular work, I owned a small business and also held various secular jobs.  I began working in our small family business when I was fourteen years old.  So, when it came time to finally shift into full-time ministry, it was quite an adjustment.  Allow people to give to me?  Are you kidding?  
          But it was the Lord who made the decision that His ministers would live from the freewill gifts and offerings given to the ministry .  So, I have had to adjust.
          I am not at all an extreme "prosperity preacher"--as any of you who have followed my ministry for any length of time already know.  I do not promise that God will solve all of your problems in return for a gift to my ministry.  However, I have seen times over the years in which people have given to my ministry and they later received financial breakthroughs or answers to prayer that they believe came in response to their giving.  I rely upon their judgment of these things and I praise God for their testimonies.
          All I can say with absolute certainty is that, to the best of my knowledge, this ministry is doing exactly what God has called us to do.  I hold services, teach others sound historic Christian doctrine, and demonstrate how to cooperate with the moving of the Holy Spirit.  We are bearing good fruit for the Kingdom of God and it is fruit that is lasting.  I can't help but believe that if you give your financial support to this ministry, God will bless you in some way--either in this life, or in Eternity.  I can say also that I sincerely pray for everyone who gives to this ministry to be blessed, and for God to meet your needs and give you His guidance.
          I invite you to give your donations in support of Mel Montgomery Ministries, The 120 Church, and The 120 Ministry Association.  I appreciate your support.   
               --Brother Mel
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