Copyright and Fair Use Policy

All audios and videos of the Goodwins and Howard Carter hosted on this website, and most other audios here, are under copyright.  

The copyrights to all recordings of the Rev. and Mrs. J. R. Goodwin, and of guest ministers who preached at their church, are owned by Dr. Charles Goodwin.  Mel Montgomery serves the Goodwin family as their Copyright Agent.  Audios or videos of the Goodwins MAY NOT be uploaded to websites, Facebook, YouTube, or other social networking media, or other sites on the internet without written permission from Mel Montgomery.  For permission to use, please contact us at:
Those audios and videos that are not part of the Goodwin collection are hosted on this site with the permission of the copyright holders. For permission to use, contact us at, and Mel Montgomery will forward your request on to the copyright holders.
What is Unique About My Website:
In my case, with every recording on my website, I have gone to the speaker, to his or her heirs, to their ministry, or to whoever owns the copyrights, and I have asked and obtained their permission to host their recording on my website.  For instance, I went to the headquarters of T. L. Osborn Ministries and sat across the table from his daughter, Dr. LaDonna Osborn.  I asked her permission to upload some of her parents' recordings.  She gave me CD copies of the ones she wanted to allow me to use, and I got her permission in writing.  I did not buy the recording, upload it to my website without her knowledge or permission, and then when I got caught, claim that it is OK for me to steal that recording because souls need to be saved, and I'm doing it for Jesus.  Listen, Jesus Christ needs no man to steal for him.  The ends do not justify the means.
My website is the only major Christian website on the internet which features gospel recordings, with the permission of the copyright holders.  Yes, two or three sites have more recordings than mine does.  However, they constantly troll the internet, downloading recordings from other sites, and upload them to their sites without the knowledge or permission of the website owner or the copyright holders.  I know this from personal experience. 
Stealing For Jesus:
Numerous times, some of the Goodwin recordings, or other recordings that have been entrusted to me, have suddenly appeared on another website.  The website owner just downloaded them from my site, or bought copies somewhere, and uploaded them without permission.  In each case, I have contacted them, told them that the recordings are copyrighted, and I politely asked them to take the recordings down from their website.  Every time except once, the Christian website owner has refused to comply, and most have sent me an ugly e-mail.  Here is a direct quote from one reply I recently received from the owner of a Christian website:
Stop calling yourself Brother Mel - I wouldn't cross the street to hear you preach.  You have revealed your heart. . . Your a little man with a big mouth.  Go haunt someone else. 
Ugly, isn't it?  Ugly, but common.  I had no alternative but to file a formal copyright complaint with the webhosting company that had his website.  In the times that I have filed copyright infringement complaints, each webhosting company has removed the recordings, and in some cases, has shut the website down permanently and canceled the hosting account.  So far, I have won every copyright infringement complaint that I have had to file.
Original Goodwin Recordings:
The same sort of copyright restrictions apply if you happen to own an original Goodwin recording on reel to reel.  Many of the original reel to reel recordings of Mom and Dad Goodwin have gone to different people.  If you have an original Goodwin recording (or even a copy) it is illegal for you to upload it to your website or broadcast it over the internet without the permission of the copyright owner--Dr. Charles Goodwin.  If you have an original Goodwin recording on reel to reel, contact me at:  We can probably work out an arrangement in which we can give you permission to use the recording in a limited way.
Blessing Others:
If you have been blessed by these recordings, and want others to be blessed too, don't steal the recording for Jesus.  Instead, put a link on your website or Facebook page to my website.  Tell people "Here is a link to some rare recordings that will bless you:"  That will send them to my site, they can hear the recordings appropriately and legally.  In doing so, I think God will bless you for walking in integrity.
My Purpose:
I do not sell any of the rare recordings on this website.  Thus, I make no money off of them.  I make them available through this site to the world for free.  My purpose in putting this copyright statement on my website is to respect the wishes of the copyright holders who have entrusted to me the recordings of their loved ones or of guest ministers at their church.  They have asked me to do my best to keep their recordings from being associated with extreme ministries or errant teachings that the speaker did not agree with.  I post this statement to comply with the wishes of the speaker and/or the copyright holders.   
Any Questions:
Contact me at