Biography of Rev. Mel C. Montgomery

Born in 1959, and born-again in 1980, Mel grew up and began serving the Lord in Wichita, KS.

In 1984, Mel met Sister Goodwin, (pictured to the right) who took him under her wing and began teaching him about spiritual operations and preparing him for spiritual ministry.  In 1989, the prophetic anointing came on him and he began ministering prophetically.

Mel ministered part-time, moved to Joplin, MO and waited for God's timing to take further steps in ministry.  In 2006, the Lord’s timing began to come.  The Lord told Mel to start a blog and to begin teaching what he had learned from Mom Goodwin and what the Lord had taught him from the Bible.  The blog evolved into a website,, to which Mel uploaded recordings by Mom and Dad Goodwin.  As the hits climbed into the millions, people with other rare recordings began sending them to Mel to share with the world. 

Churches began to invite Mel to come and hold meetings and flow in the Holy Spirit.  Mel met the Rev. Elizabeth Pruitt-Sloan and transferred his ordination papers to her ministry credentialing organization, Helping Inspire Ministries (H.I.M.).  Later he was asked to serve as its Director of Public Relations.

In 2010, with the cooperation of the Hagin, Goodwin, and Osteen families, Mel published The Genuine Flow: How the Faith Giants Flowed in the Spirit and How You Can Too.  This biography of Mom and Dad Goodwin described their origins, presented their teachings and told the story of their connections with Kenneth Hagin Sr., John and Dodie Osteen, Howard Carter, and others.  Dr. Ralph Wilkerson, Founder of the historic Melodyland Christian Center wrote the Foreword.  Endorsements and comments were provided by:  Dr. Mark Roberts—Director of the Holy Spirit Research Center at Oral Roberts University, Dr. Charles Goodwin, Billye Brim, Marilyn Hickey, Pat Harrison, Ed Dufresne, and others.  Billye Brim graciously introduced The Genuine Flow to the public at her Autumn Assembly of Prayer in 2010.  Since then, The Genuine Flow has sold around the world and has been accepted for use as a textbook at Bible Schools in Australia, the United Kingdom, and at ministries in the USA.

In 2011, on Mel's 52nd birthday, his greatest supporter and friend--his mother--suddenly went to be with the Lord.  Christine M. Wilson had been behind him in every accomplishment and step in ministry.  Mel knew she was a Christian and he knew she had entered into the great joy of being with her Lord.  Nevertheless, he was brought very low.  Mel held no public services for a year, as he recovered from grief and found a new purpose in life again.  God healed Mel of the grief and sorrow, and brought him into a deeper anointing and fresh fire that he ministers in today.

Mel now travels and ministers frequently with the Rev. Eddie McMurray—who was also trained in spiritual operations by Mom Goodwin in her final years.  They carry on the Goodwins’ ministry, as do a handful of others, ministering in tongues and interpretation, prophecy, and other spiritual gifts in local church meetings and in ministers’ conferences.

People around the world subscribe to Mel's monthly e-newsleter, "Outpouring."  His podcast channel, "Voices of the Faith Giants," has over 30,000 subscribers.

In 2013, the Lord woke Mel up in the middle of the night and said:

     Go to Tulsa.

     Start a church.

    Preach on the forgiveness of sins

    (Now the Lord wants Mel to preach on many Bible subjects, but to also emphasize the forgiveness of sins.)

     Mel took what the Lord said to heart, but waited for his timing.  In mid-November 2015 the Lord directed Mel that it is time to go forward.  So, Mel named his new church The 120 Church and Ministry Association.  And the goal of the church is:  "Joining sound doctrine with the genuine moving of the Holy Spirit like the 120 believers experienced on the Day of Pentecost,"  Mel has begun also accepting ministerial candidates for licensing or ordination into The 120 Ministry Association on a case by case basis those who wish to affiliate with Mel and pursue the vision of Charismatic Reformation.

     Mel has not yet married and has no children.  Mel lives in Joplin, MO where he is guarded by his fierce miniature Doberman named "Little Darlin'." 

To invite Mel to come and minister at your church, conference, event, radio program or podcast please e-mail him at: