W.F.P. Burton

"God's Tramp Preacher"

WFP Burton (1886 - 1971), was a British Pentecostal missionary to Africa.  Burton was in the forefront of the Pentecostal move of his day, ministering alongside Smith Wigglesworth and other faith giants.  Along with James Salter, Smith Wigglesworth's son-in-law, he raised up a mighty work in the Belgian Congo.  Known affectionately as God's "Tramp Preacher," he tramped through jungles, waded through swamps, and walked across a wilderness to raise up a missionary network of over 2,000 native churches that ministered salvation, the baptism in the Holy Spirit, healing, signs, and wonders to multitudes of Africans.  Burton was truly a modern apostle, with all the signs and fruit of that office.  
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Media Files

Title Description Media
Evangelism and Money Part I

Prosperity, motives, and the funding of ministry.  Copyrighted Recording Length: 29 minutes.


WFP Burton gives the best explanation I've ever heard on the scripture in which Christ says, "Make to yourselves friends of the unrighteous mammon of the world."  When you hear Burton's frank statements in this recording, the fact is driven home to you that you are indeed listening to a man of integrity.  If you ever wondered what Pentecostal ministers of the generation of Burton, Frodsham, and Wigglesworth thought about money and ministry, you hear it bluntly in this recording.

Evangelism and Money Part II

Conclusion of Burton's message on financial prosperity, motives, and the funding of ministry.  Copyrighted Recording Length: 37 minutes.


Burton demonstrates that in the financing of ministry, the ends do not justify the means.  It is not acceptable to commit financial wrongdoing in ministry in order to fund the preaching of the Gospel.  The motives of your heart, and the integrity of your actions, are paramount.

How to Know the Will of God

Receiving God's direction thorugh scripture, personal prophecy, and dreams and visions.  Copyrighted Recording Length:  49 minutes.


An alternate title for this sermon is, "The Lord Jesus."   In this recording, Brother Burton teaches extensively on receiving God's direction and knowing His will.  He addresses the subjects of receiving direction through the clear direction of scripture, through personal prophecy, and through dreams and visions.  This recording is a masterpiece from a servant who walked with the Master.  

"If you don't 'know the will of God, at whatever expense it may be, wait till you do know the will of God.  Don't act precipitously."--WFP Burton.

My African Testimony

A fascinating, moving, and beautiful testimony of God's ability demonstrated in Burton's missionary work in Africa.  Copyrighted Recording  Length: 57 Minutes


Brother Burton gives a fascinating, moving, beautiful testimony of God's ability demonstrated yet again and again in missionary work in Africa.  He tells of companions who died along the way, or who became discouraged and turned back.  He tells of fighting sickness, and being near death numerous times from fevers and illnesses.  Then he was struck down with colon cancer and was sent home to die.  But the God who hears and answers prayer healed him and raised him back up.


Not Without Blood

An apostle's account of witnessing the power of the Blood of Jesus.  Copyrighted Recording Length: 33 minutes.


An awesome account of the power of the Blood of Jesus in Burton's experiences in Africa.  If you are thirsty and dry, you won't be after listening to this recording.

Testimony of an Apostle

A humorous account of Burton's childhood and early years in ministry.  Copyrighted Recording Length: 43 minutes.


WFP Burton delivers a delightful and humorous account of his early years, and of the testimony of the healing of his mother. He identifies genuine Apostolic works and fruits, and tells the story of starting a mission in the Belgian Congo in 1915.  He gives the account of starting a revival and church in 1931 by accident through God working a miracle.

The Precious Promises of God

Towards the end of his life, Burton reflects on how he had seen God fulfill HIs precious promises thrughout his life and ministry.  Copyrighted Recording Length:  52 minutes.


When you hear an apostle of God speak, you know it. And you certainly are hearing from an apostle of God in this recording. In this recording, made towards the end of his life, WFP Burton reflects upon God's faithfulness to fulfill His promises when the saints call upon Him in prayer.