Elizabeth Pruitt-Sloan

Elizabeth Pruitt-Sloan (1938 - present) was born while her mother was attending Aimee Semple-McPherson's church.  Aimee prophesied of the infant Elizabeth, "This baby girl shall be an end -time handmaiden and prophetess of the Lord."

Raised in the Four Square Movement, Elizabeth was born again at age eight and filled with the Spirit when she was only ten.  She felt the call to preach when she was twelve.  In pursuit of the call to the ministry, Elizabeth graduated in the 1975 Charter Class of Rhema Bible Training Center. She is ordained as a Charter Member of RHEMA Ministerial Association.

Rev. Pruitt-Sloan pioneered three churches, and has traveled extensively.  She founded, and serves as the President of, Helping Inspire Ministries (H.I.M.), a ministry credentialing organization and fellowship that has grown to include more than 70 members.  Membership includes:  Kate McVeigh, Dr. Larry Huggins, Jack Coe Jr., Pastors Lee and Jan Morgans, and Mel Montgomery.  Sister Elizabeth has taught at Victory Bible Institute, Tulsa, OK, Lakewood Bible Institute, Houston, TX, New Life Bible College, Cleveland, TN, and Rhema Prayer and Healing School, Tulsa, OK.  Elizabeth is a published author and wrote the classic Gospel song, "I'm Seated with Christ in Heavenly Places."  Along with itinerating and overseeing her ministry association, Elizabeth Pruitt-Sloan also conducts monthly Holy Ghost meetings.

Elizabeth Pruitt-Sloan is one of the most genuine, anointed, compassionate, and remarkable ministers I have ever met.  Whenever my schedule permits, I always attend her Holy Spirit meetings.  If she is ever in your area, or if you can arrange to drive in and attend one of her Holy Spirit meetings, I encourage you to do so.  Attending her meetings has added to my understanding of prophetic ministry and has helped me to grow into a higher level of anointing.  I believe her meetings will do the same for you.

Brother Mel

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Teaching on angels in the Bible and experiences Elizabeth has been given with angels.  Copyrighted Recording Length:  54 minutes.

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It's Activation Time!

A man with a sword, stands behind Elizabeth, making it look like a sword is coming out of her mouth as she preaches this illustrated sermon.  Copyrighted Recording: 66 minutes.


Elizabeth grew up in Aimee Semple McPherson's church.  Sister Aimee was famous for her "illustrated sermons" in which, for example, she would appear on stage, dressed as a fireman, holding a fire hose, and she would preach about the fires of Hell and the need to be saved.  In this service, in that tradition, Elizabeth preached an illustrated sermon.  She emphasized that the Word of God, when spoken out in faith and boldness, is the "sword" of the Spirit.  To demonstrate this, a man with a sword, stands behind Elizabeth, making it appear that a sword is coming out of her mouth as she speaks.  Copyrighted Recording Lenght:  66 minutes.

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Ministering Gifts and Ordination

Teaching on the five-fold ministry gifts followed by an ordination service for H.I.M.  Copyrighted Recording Length:  56 minutes.

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