F.F. Bosworth

A Healing Evangelist of Power and Spiritual Integrity
Fred Francis Bosworth, (1877 - 1958), was healed of tuberculosis at a young age.  He and his family moved to Zion Illinois and attended John Alexander Dowie's church.  Bosworth embraced the Pentecostal Outpouring and was filled with the Spirit in meetings held by Charles Parham.  He attended meetings at the Azusa Street Mission during that great revival. 
F. F. Bosworth eventually developed into a substantial healing ministry and held great meetings around the world in the 1920s and 1930s.  He wrote the classic, "Christ the Healer."  Bosworth came out of retirement in the 1940s to mentor a young Oral Roberts, T.L. Osborn, and William Branham. 
Some of the recordings below contain clips from other recordings.  I have chosen not to edit them.
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Be Ye Doers of the Word

God's promises are fulfilled on our behalf only as we act on them.  Sound quality poor in a couple of brief segments.  Copyrighted Recording Length:  66 minutes.


This faith-inspiring message on the subject of receiving healing from God was preached in Chicago, IL in 1954, during the world-wide Healing Revival of the day. Bosworth states that, "God's promises are fulfilled on our behalf only as we act on them." He also says, "Faith is treating the Word of God as you would treat the Lord Jesus if he were personally present." Bosworth also tells of returning from ministering for ten months in Africa and how even though he was elderly, he felt "pepped up" and needed no rest from all of those months of ministry.

As is common with such old recordings, there are a couple glitches in this recording. A few minutes into the recording, a couple of people give brief testimonies about being healed in Bosworth's meetings years previously, and their words are barely audible. Then a few minutes further into the recording, a "Brother Moore" speaks for a few minutes and procedes to introduce Bosworth. Then about 14 minutes into the recording, the recording quality decreases for 3 minutes, and afterward, the quality returns to normal. Recording abruptly ends after 48 minutes.









Christian Confession

How to walk with the King.  Copyrighted Recording Length:  67 minutes.


Recorded in Chicago, IL 1954.

Mass Faith

It is just as much God's will to heal every sick person as it is to save every sinner.  Copyrighted Recording Length: 20 minutes.


Recorded in Chicago, IL  1954.

Redemptive Blessings

If the Devil can get you off of the Word, you'll be in trouble all the time.  Copyrighted Recording Length: 55 minutes.


Recorded in Chicago, IL  1954.