Rev. and Mrs. J. R. Goodwin

Affectionately referred to as "Mom and Dad" Goodwin by those of us who knew them, the Goodwins attended the meetings of Smith Wigglesworth in 1935, and entered full-time ministry in 1936. In 1938 they met a young Kenneth Hagin Sr. and took him under their wing, teaching him about spiritual gifts and prophetic ministry. John Osteen was filled with the Spirit in Mom and Dad Goodwin's living room and preached his first Charismatic sermons from their pulpit. The Goodwins also mentored or spoke into the lives of: Billye Brim, Buddy and Pat Harrison, Marilyn Hickey, Larry Huggins, Eddie McMurray, and Mel Montgomery. 

Mel Montgomery has published a biography of the Goodwins, entitled, The Genuine Flow:  How the Faith Giants Flowed in the Spirit and How You Can Too.  Written with the cooperation of the Goodwin, Hagin, and Osteen families, it tells the inside story of Mom and Dad Goodwins' lives, reprints their teachings on spiritual gifts, and gives instructions on how to apply their teachings today.  The Genuine Flow includes comments about the Goodwins' ministry from:  Dr. Ralph Wilkerson, Kenneth Hagin Sr., Dodie Osteen, Billye Brim, Pat Harrison, Marilyn Hickey, Ed Dufresne, Howard Carter, and many others.  For more information about The Genuine Flow, please click here.

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Media Files

At Christ For The Nations Institute 1971
Title Description Media
How Our Ministry Started

How Mom and Dad were saved.  Their early ministry, challenges, and their opinion of Kenneth Hagin.  Copyrighted Recording Length:  67 minutes.

Recorded at CFNI 1-15-71.  Introduced by CFNI Founder Gordon Lindsay, Dad teaches, and then Mom tells of the early days of their marriage and ministry, and how she and Dad were saved.  Mom tells of being led by an angel to attend a certain church, and how she first experienced the Holy Spirit in a strong way there. Mom and Dad both make a number of comments about Brother Hagin, indicating how highly they thought of him, and how he irritated Mom Goodwin one time.  On a historical note:  Mom refers to an African-American man as "a colored fellow."  This phrase was considered the courteous identification to use at the time.
Judging Prophecies

How to judge prophecy.  Also, Mom Goodwin shares numerous supernatural experiences.  Copyrighted Recording Length:  67 minutes.

Recorded at CFNI 1-13-71 a.m. service.  Brother Goodwin ministers on the subject of the gift of prophecy. He differentiates between a prophet and one who merely prophesies, giving a specific definition of prophecy. He also talks about those who prophesy out of their own spirit, rather than from being under the unction of the Holy Spirit.
Then Brother Goodwin invites Sister Goodwin up to minister. Sister Goodwin relates to us a number of experiences the Lord gave her in ministering to others. These will truly bless your heart. Brother Goodwin then takes the pulpit again and discusses how to judge prophecy and prophets.


Kill the Lions and Stone the Giants

The Goodwins' early ministry, attending Wigglesworth's meeting, the healing of their son, Charles.  Copyrighted Recording Length:  76 minutes.

Recorded at CFNI 1-15-1971.  The Goodwins tell the story of conquering some giants they had faced over the years. They speak of the early days of itinerating before they pastored a church, telling of both the hardships and of seeing the faithfulness of the Lord. They tell in detail the story of their son Charles being born with a rupture, and of bringing him to a healing meeting to be prayed for by Smith Wigglesworth. Charles wasn't healed in or after the meeting. But as Mom and Dad Goodwin continued believing God and standing in faith, their son was eventually instantly healed.
The Pain of Prophetic Ministry

The Goodwins speak frankly of the challenges they have faced concerning prophetic ministry.  Copyrighted Recording Length: 

Instructions on checking or judging the work of the Spirit. Dad defines the gift of the discerning of spirits. Then Sister Goodwin admits with great frankness that the kind of spiritual ministry she and her husband had was a difficult one. She had many experiences in which people under the influence of evil spirits, would act normal until the person got in close proximity to her, and then they would abruptly and inexplicably treat her very discourteously. Such treatment eventually took its toll on her. She tells how she shared this downside of spiritual ministry with Kenneth Hagin. She shares with us how his advice helped her.  Concludes with personal ministry.
Utterance Gifts vs. Serving Gifts

Examples of utterance gifts and ministries versus service gifts.  Mom gives delightful testimonies.  Copyrighted Recording Length:  69 minutes.

This recording begins with Brother Goodwin already sharing the testimony of a woman in the Goodwins' congregation. Her name was Mrs. King. God gave her an unusual ministry that the Goodwins had not seen before or since. Under the inspiration of the Spirit, Mrs. King--who knew very little about the Bible--would suddenly prophesy scripture references. Which, when everyone looked them up, would fit in precisely with whatever Brother Goodwin was preaching at the moment. It was a beautiful ministry.
Then Brother Goodwin teaches on the utterance gifts of the Holy Spirit. He compares the gifts of the Spirit written of by I Cor. Chapter 12 with the serving gifts listed in Romans Chapter 12.
Sister Goodwin then ends the service by sharing a delightful testimony of God's provision and timing in a confusing situation in which she and her husband found themselves some years previously.


Goodwin Videos
Title Description Media
Two Things it Doesn't Pay to Trust

Sister Goodwin preaching in the early 1980's.  Length:  9:41.

Few videos of the Goodwins are known to exist, and this is the only one in which we see Mom Goodwin preaching entirely on her own without Dad Goodwin nearby. 

Spiritual Gifts Series
Title Description Media
1. Receiving the Giver

To receive spiritual gifts, you must know the Giver of the gifts--the Holy Spirit. Copyrighted Recording Length:  55 minutes.


The Goodwins' teachings on the gifts of the Holy Spirit and spiritual operations were highly esteemed by Kenneth Hagin, Howard Carter, Gordon Lindsay of Christ for the Nations, and by many other people who heard them.  This recording is a thorough examination of the Holy Spirit and His baptism as evidenced by speaking in tongues.

2. The Word of Wisdom

The Word of Wisdom and how spiritual gifts are to be desired and potentially be received. Copyrighted Recording Length: 55 minutes.


Rev. Goodwin gives examples from both scripture and from personal experience of this spiritual gift.  He also gives an example of how he refused to follow the counsel of a famous healing evangelist concerning the time to enter ministry--and this decision turned out to be the wisdom of God.  This gives a wonderful insight into lessons the Goodwins learned concerning ministry, and how these same lessons can be applied in your life and ministry.  


3. The Word of Knowledge
The Word of Knowledge, and how it can work in conjunction with other spiritual gifts. Copyrighted Recording Length:  55 minutes.
Dad gives examples of this gift from the Old and New Testaments and from personal experience.  He further gives directions on how it may manifest, and how it may operate in conjunction with other spiritual gifts.
4. The Discerning of Spirits

The discerning of spirits, how it operated in the Goodwins' ministry and how it can operate in yours.  Copyrighted Recording Length:  55 minutes.


He cites examples from scripture and examples from incidents that had happened in the Goodwin's church.  He gives a particularly interesting example of a deacon in their former church, who had a wrong spirit.  Brother Goodwin also draws from the reminiscinces of old Pentecostal saints who had been present in the early Pentecostal outpouring at Topeka and Azusa Street.


5. The Gift of Prophecy

There is a great difference between a believer prophesying and someone who stands in the office of a prophet. Copyrighted Recording Length:  42 minutes.


He gives wise advice about prophecy to those who are called to ministry.  And he tells an interesting story about a song leader in one of their previous churches who began to wonder whether Mom and Dad Goodwin were rehearsing the messages in tongues and interpretations in advance, and then just performing a pre-arranged script in the church services.  God answered the man's doubts. 

(In spite of being cleaned up by our sound expert, this recording still retains a muffled sound.  You may need to adjust your sound settings in order to hear this recording in full clarity).


6. The Gift of Faith
There are clear distinctions between saving faith, the fruit of faith, and the specific supernatural gift of faith. Copyrighted Recording Length: 49 minutes.


Includes the story of the healing of Mr. Stone, whom the doctors expected him to die before the night was out.  When first stricken, Mr. Stone--an unbeliever--said, "Call the doctor.  And if the doctor won't come, call Brother and Sister Goodwin.  I have more faith in their prayers than in all the doctors in the world."  My brothers and sisters that is exactly how we should be seen by the world--as the bringers of God's power and mercy. When there is no hope in the natural, there is still hope in God.

7. The Working of Miracles

The Working of Miracles, examples from the Bible and personal experience.  Copyrighted Recording Length: 47 minutes.


The Goodwins experienced numerous manifestations of the gift of the Working of Miracles.  Therefore, their teachings concerning this gift will help you to reach up to God and believe for the manifestation of this gift.  Brother Goodwin accepts questions from the class.

8. Gifts of Healings

How the Goodwins understood and ministered to others through the Gifts of Healings.  Copyrighted Recording Length:  51 minutes.


It is through the manifestation of the Gifts of Healings, and through other spiritual operations, that the world will be confronted with the reality of the power of Christ's resurrection.  Conviction of sin will follow when the Gospel is preached, and multitudes will be turned from darkness to light.


9. Tongues and Interpretation

The proper order in exercising the Gift of Diverse Kinds of Tongues and the Interpretation of Tongues.  Copyrighted Recording Length: 41 minutes.


God has invested great spiritual potential in the gifts of Divers Kinds of Tongues and the Interpretation of Tongues.  The Goodwins were among the few that ever searched out the depths of these gifts, and walked in the full power of them.  Dad interprets a couple of messages in tongues from the class.

10. Summary of Spiritual Gifts
A summary of all that Brother Goodwin has taught up to this point including key insights concerning the operation of spiritual gifts. Copyrighted Recording Length:  42 minutes.


Now you have heard a complete overview of the principles Mom and Dad Goodwin taught and demonstrated concerning spiritual operations and the orderly exercise thereof.  from this point onward, you can listen to the other Goodwin recordings and expand your understanding of spiritual operations.  The Goodwins never believed that they had a "special anointing."  They taught that any minister or church could see the same intensity of spiritual operations if that minister or ministry would follow the Lord in humility and apply these principles in faith.

Truly Extraordinary
Title Description Media
Be Filled With The Spirit

Begins with several messages in tongues, then teaches about being filled with the Spirit and pitfalls those just starting to be used in spiritual gifts can make.  Copyrighted Recording Length:  23 minutes.

Recording begins with two messages in tongues from Mom interpreted by Dad. The congregation sings a song, which is followed by four more messages in tongues, two are spoken and one sung, both interpreted by Dad.  All young prophets need to listen to and heed the instructions Brother Goodwin gives in this recording. He and Mom desired greatly that people be used in genuine manifestations of the Spirit of God, but they also knew that there were many areas of potential pitfalls. Brother Goodwin teaches on being filled with the Spirit, and on spiritual order.  He goes further to give instruction to those beginning to be used in prophetic ministry, pointing out common mistakes that they can make. He differentiates between spiritual zeal and the Spirit of God.
The Church

Sister King gives a message in tongues, and a scripture reference.  Sermon concerns the functioning and funding of the local Church, home churches, and public assemblies.  Copyrighted Recording Length: 36 minutes.

A woman that everyone referred to as "Sister King," had an unusual ministry of giving messages from the Lord through scripture references.  Although she had very little knowledge of the Bible, the scripture references she would speak out, when combined together, would bring forth a very inspiring prophetic message.  You hear Sister King flowing in this anointing at the beginning of this recording.  There are many spiritual operations spread throughout Brother Goodwins' message as he gives a clear instruction on certain aspects of the functioning of the local Church. He addresses the issues of how a church is to be funded, and also the subject of meeting in home churches as compared to meeting in a local meeting assembly building.
Goodwins Announce Resignation

Mom and Dad gave this farewell message to their church as they stepped down as its pastors to go into semi-retirement and evangelize.  They left in honor and with their reputations intact.  Copyrighted Recording Length:  32 minutes.


The Date was March 14th, 1971.

Mom and Dad Goodwin had finished the work God had given them to do at First Assembly of God in Pasadena, Texas.  God's servants were weary and advancing in age and it was time to go into semi-retirement and to occasionally evangelize.  They had received many invitations to come and minister particularly on spiritual gifts, and the Lord directed the Goodwins to accept the invitations and to commend their church to the grace of God and to new leadership.  They did not leave in scandal, or with funds missing, or in a flurry of accusations. They left with an honorable reputation, with their integrity intact, to pursue the final stage of their ministry. The congregation knew that they were seeing the end of an era.  Something precious to them had finally finished its course, and it was time for everybody to move on. There wasn't a dry eye in the house.  This is how ministries are supposed to end.


Humility, Praise, and Purpose

Mom gives several messages in tongues that Dad interprets.  Sister F. E. Ward sings out a spiritual song by the inspiration of the Spirit.  Dad preaches on the purpose of the Church.  Copyrighted Recording Length:  46 minutes.


This is one of the most moving, anointed services you will ever hear. It Begins with Mom Goodwin giving two messages in tongues. Dad Goodwin interprets them. Dad begins to preach, and then Mom gives two more messages in tongues, which Dad interprets.Then something very, very moving happens: Sister F.E. Ward comes forward and under the inspiration of the Spirit, she sings out a psalm. It is not a psalm or hymn she has learned. It is something she just sings out of her spirit in that moment under the Holy Spirit's inspiration. It is one of the most beautiful things you will ever hear.

Dad offers a few comments. Then Sister Goodwin has a Word of Knowledge about someone in the congregation that morning. The Word of Knowledge hits home, and Brother Goodwin prays for the persons identified in the audience. Dad preaches on some of the things that happen when a Christian truly takes a stand for Jesus Christ.
Mom then preaches for awhile, instructing people to stop doing so much of one particular thing, and to start doing much more of another thing. Dad makes some announcements. Then he preaches on the purpose of the church.