Joe Jordan and Ron Smith


Joe Jordan and Ron Smith are beloved mentors to many ministers and individuals in spiritual operations.  Joe and Ron both served as ministers in Mom and Dad Goodwin's church for years before launching out into their own independent ministries.  Now in their 80's, each has now been in full time ministry for more than 50 years, traveling from church to church, ministering in the Holy Spirit.  The old country music song, popularized by Hank Snow and Johnny Cash entitled, "I've Been Everywhere, Man" describes the ministries of Joe Jordan and Ron Smith.  They've been everywhere.  With most of the major Charismatic ministers of the last 30 years, Joe and Ron have either ministered with them, or crossed paths with them at some point.  For the last several years, Billye Brim has invited Joe and Ron to her "Prayer Mountain in the Ozarks" ministry to hold annual Holy Ghost Conferences lasting several days, in which they have taught the moving of the Spirit to individuals and to pastors in attendance.

Kenneth Hagin once said that the Lord told him, "There is a move of the Spirit that will be lost to this generation unless you [and others] teach it."  Joe and Ron exemplify that move which they first experienced with Mom and Dad Goodwin.  The torch was passed to them years ago, and they faithfully teach and demonstrate the move of the Holy Spirit to willing listeners with hungry hearts.  If you will listen to, and apply, the principles they teach, your life and ministry will be transformed forever.

Joe's ministry is characterized by an abundance of joy and unusual spiritual signs and wonders.  Joe began flowing in this particular anointing years before Rodney Howard-Browne came to the USA with what became known as the "Laughing Revival."  Joe also teaches extensively on spiritual gifts and how pastors and local churches can have a deep and continuing move of the Holy Spirit in their churches in ways that are balanced and biblical.

Joe Jordan and Ron Smith hold a Holy Spirit workshop the third Sunday of each month, beginning at 6 p.m. at 217 W. Park Street in Olathe, KS.  And the next day, they hold a forum in which a panel of seasoned ministers participate in discussing aspects of the Holy Spirit and ministry and they also follow the leading of the Spirit moment by moment, flowing and demonstrating tongues, interpretation, prophecy, and other spiritual gifts.  This monthly meeting and forum is live streamed, and is may be viewed live by individuals around the world.  Previous workshops have been archived, and may be viewed on Joe Jordan's website.  For more information about the live stream events, to view the video archives, and to invite Joe and Ron to come minister at your church or event, please visit:   Joe Jordan Conferences.           


“In 2004, at the Lord’s leading we invited Reverend Joe Jordan for what proved to be a marvelous demonstration of how to flow with the Holy Ghost. Of course, we knew Brother Jordan’s ministry to be accurate for he was taught by the best, the late Reverend and Mrs. J. R. Goodwin.”

          – Billye Brim

"Joe Jordan has been a friend and a mentor to me.  He exemplifies the best of the ministry of Mom and Dad Goodwin.  I highly recommend his meetings, conferences, and website to my ministry partners and subscribers."

--Mel Montgomery

Media Files

Joe Jordan and Ron Smith Holy Spirit Workshop Videos 2012
Title Description Media
Tongues: Crown Jewels of the New Testament Pt. 1

Monday, November 2012.  Session 1:  Joe Jordan and Ron Smith host:  Jeff and Linda Thompson, Dan Nicholson, and others.  Length 45 minutes.

Tongues: Crown Jewels of the New Testatment Pt. 2

Monday, November 2012.  Session 2.  Joe Jordan and Ron Smith host Kimberly and Mark Spellman, and others etc.

Tongues: Crown Jewels of the New Testament Pt. 3

Monday November 2012 Session 3:  Joe Jordan, Ron Smith, and panel of seasoned ministers.  Length: 45 minutes.

Tongues: Crown Jewels of the New Testament Pt. 4

Monday November 2012 Session 4.  Joe Jordan, Ron Smith, panel of seasoned ministers.  Length:  45 minutes.