Kenneth and Jeanell Dunn

Kenneth and Jeanell Dunn

Kenneth and Jeanell Dunn were trained in ministry by Mom and Dad Goodwin.  Afterward, they developed into substantial prophetic ministry and pastored churches.  The Holy Spirit used them in countless manifestations of spiritual gifts, miracles, and healings.  The congregation members were so excited that they couldn't wait to get to church because every service contained new adventures in God.  The Dunns had particular insight into differentiating between the soul and the spirit.

I want you to notice something about the Dunn's recordings as you listen to them.  Along with the words Kenneth and Jeanell speak on these recordings, there is also an undercurrent of the Spirit of God flowing.  They carried that undercurrent, that anointing, that Presence with them wherever they went and whenever they ministered.  That anointing is still present in these recordings.  As you listen to these recordings, the words they speak will give you knowledge and insight, but the anointing that was in the Dunns will also minister directly to your spirit, giving you spiritual strength and helping to develop your spiritual capacity. 

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Jeanell Dunn Audios
Title Description Media
Being Whole in Christ

True wholeness is not found in a spouse, profession, accomplishment or attainment.  It is found in understanding your relationship in Christ and with Christ.  Tongues, interpretation, and personal ministry at the end of the recording.  Length:  55 minutes.

The Bruises of Sin

Sin and negative experiences can cause bruises to your soul that will hinder you from serving God and flowing in the fullness of the Holy Spirit.  Soulish prayers can also produce spiritual obstacles and open the door to spiritual attacks. 

An examination of bruises to the spirit and soul caused by sin.  Jeanell also shares personal stories and insights about how Christians can pray prayers that amount to Charismatic witchcraft.