Stanley Frodsham

Stanley Frodsham:  God's Prophet with a Pen

Stanley Frodsham (1882 - 1969) was an early British Pentecostal of note.  He helped to pioneer the Assemblies of God in Great Britain, and moved to the USA to edit all of their early publications.  In this role as Editor, he came to be affectionately called, "God's Prophet with a Pen."  He was close friends with Howard Carter and other early leaders. He wrote "Apostle of Faith," the first biography of his friend, Smith Wigglesworth. In 1965, Stanley Frodsham gave forth a sobering prophecy warning of coming deception among believers. We feature on this site his recordings and an audio of the reading of his prophecy by Florence Abbott who knew Frodsham.

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Media Files

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Abiding Under God's Shadow

Faith takes all that is provided.  Also, recollections of Wigglesworth.  Copyrighted Recording Length:  45 minutes.


Stanley Frodsham preaches on the benefits of walking with Christ. Frodsham states, "Perfect cleansing through the Blood. Perfect healing through the Blood. It's provided! Faith enters in and unbelief doesn't." He adds, "Faith takes all that it is provided. Faith Comes in, not on the merit of another, but on the merit of Christ and just receives with meekness all of the divine provision." Brother Frodsham also shares some of his recollections of Carrie Judd Montgomery and Smith Wigglesworth.

Behold Our Wonderful Jesus!

Frodsham prays and preaches with humility and power a sermon of continual praise of Christ.  Copyrighted Recording Length:  25 minutes.


The recording begins with Stanley Frodsham praying.  We have forgotten how to pray like this.  It is a kind of praying so selfless, so innocent, so centered in the awesomeness of God and the utter inability of man, that you never forget it when you hear one of the Giants of Old pray like this.  It makes you want to say, like the Apostles said to Christ, "Teach us to pray."  We must learn again how to pray like this.

We have also forgotten how to preach like this.  Frodsham was 82 when he preached this. His high-pitched voice is that of an obviously elderly man, not far from going to be with his Lord.  You hear pour forth from this man's lips a type of Pentecostal preaching that is unknown today: a continuous praise of Jesus Christ, a lifting up of adoration after adoration of the Son of God, a focus of the entire attention on the Cross of Christ, and an exhortation to brokenness and humility.  We must learn again how to preach like this.  One of the reasons the Goodwins, Frodsham, Wigglesworth, and Carter saw a level of Glory manifest in their meetings that is mostly unknown today, is because they prayed and preached the way you hear Brother Frodsham do on this recording.  Stanley Frodsham preached this sermon at Bill Britton's church in Springfield, MO on April 26, 1964, which was towards the end of his life.  He makes a comment to William Branham who was present in the service also.

Lovers of the Lamb

Stanley Frodsham preaching at the Elim convention of 1967.  Copyrighted Recording Length:  34 minutes.

Prophecy: Coming Deception

Frodsham's 1965 prophecy about "Coming Deception" is read by Sister Florence Abbott, who knew Frodsham.  Copyrighted Recording Length:  28 minutes.


You may listen to this prophecy in an audio format read by a dear Christian sister from Great Britain named Mrs. Florence Abbott. Sister Abbott knew Stanley Frodsham and his wife and heard him preach on several occasions. Her reading of this prophecy, with her British accent, must sound very much like it sounded when Stanley Frodsham read it at Elim Bible Institute in 1965: