Other Faith Giants

Marie Brown

Founder and Pastor of
Glad Tidings Tabernacle

Marie Estelle Burgess Brown (1880 - 1971) pioneered the historic Glad Tidings Tabernacle in New York City in 1907. She later married Robert Brown, and he joined her in pastoring the church.  Marie and Robert ministered side by side, leading countless multitudes into salvation and the baptism in the Holy Spirit. Glad Tidings Tabernacle was a prominent Pentecostal church for decades in New York City. Smith Wigglesworth, the Jeffreys Brothers, Howard Carter, and Donald Gee all ministered in this church to the Glory of God.  Smith Wigglesworth was scheduled to preach the 40th anniversary service of Glad Tidings Tabernacle in 1947 when the Lord called him home.  In 1948, her husband Robert went to Glory.  Marie continued to pastor the church until her passing in 1971 at the age of 90.*  Marie was truly a woman of Pentecost:  a soul winner, pastor, teacher, and a woman who was at the forefront of the move of God of her day.  For a short biography of Marie Brown, please click here.

Donald Gee

British Pentecostal Teacher

Donald Gee (1891 - 1966), accepted Christ as his Savior in 1905 in a meeting held by Seth Joshua who had a great influence on Evan Roberts and the great Welsh Revival, which was, in its own way, a precursor to the Azusa Street Revival.  He began his public ministry by pastoring small British Pentecostal churches, eventually ministering with Smith Wigglesworth, WFP Burton, Howard Carter, Stephen Jeffreys, and other early Pentecostal leaders.  He was affectionately called the "Apostle of Balance" for his emphasis on sound doctrine, particularly in correcting abuses of spiritual gifts.  Gee served for several years as the editor of Pentecost--the magazine of the World Pentecostal Congress.  He authored twenty books and numerous articles.  In his recording below, "Spiritual Gifts," Gee teaches briefly on the nine spiritual gifts, the five-fold ministry gifts, and gives the best explanations I have ever heard concerning grieving the Holy Spirit, quenching the Holy Spirit, and blasphemy of the Holy Spirit.  


Christine A. Gibson
Founder of
Zion Bible College
Christine A. Gibson (1879 - 1955) was an early Pentecostal pioneer from British Guyana.  With her persistent faith, and by miraculous provisions, she founded Zion Bible College, opening its doors in 1924.  Her vision was to found a bible school that would train leaders to be true to the scriptures and "thoroughly Pentecostal."  Zion Bible College continues to thrive to this day, still sending ministers and missionaries out around the world to get people saved, healed, and filled with the Holy Spirit.

Dr. Harold Horton

Seminary Professor at
Hamphstead Bible School
Harold Horton (1881 - 1969), a Methodist minister in England, did not believe in divine healing until he was healed of a double hernia in a meeting held by Smith Wigglesworth.  He discarded most of his sermons, left his teaching position at one of England's prestigious universities, and spent most of his life teaching at Howard Carter's Hampstead Bible School in England.  He helped Howard Carter write his classic book, "Questions and Answers on Spiritual Gifts."  Although the dignified Horton taught elocution--public speaking and proper word pronunciation--to English actors and other public speakers, he was so enthusiastic concerning the baptism of the Holy Spirit that he was affectionately called, "Hallelujah Horton."

Dr. George Jeffreys

Founder of
the Elim Pentecostal Churches
George Jeffreys (1889 - 1962) was a remarkable British early Pentecostal leader.  He and his brother Stephen both had substantial healing ministries through which they led multitudes to Christ.  George baptized over 1,000 converts in a single service, and preached to crowds of upwards of 10,000 in great revival meetings throughout the UK, England, Canada, and the USA.  He founded a Pentecostal movement of churches called the Elim Pentecostal Churches and many of these churches, including Kensington Temple in London, still are vital churches to this day.  For a more detailed online biography of George Jeffreys, please visit www.pentecostalpioneers.org.  
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Media Files

Marie Brown Recordings
Title Description Media
Building on the Foundation

Jesus is the secure foundation for salvation, healing, and victory.  Copyrighted Recording Length:  51 minutes.


Marie Brown walked in Pentecostal power, and tells you how to do the same in this historic recording.

The Place of Vision

The higher you rise in Christ the greater your vision becomes.  Tells of early Pentecost.  Copyrighted Recording Length:  47 minutes.

Marie Brown founded the first Pentecostal mission that developed into the major Pentecostal church of New York City in 1907.  Along Robert Brown, who later became her husband, the led countless sinners to Christ and pastored a church with genuine Pentecostal power in it for decades.  Smith Wigglesworth, Stephen and George Jeffreys, Howard Carter, and many other Pentecostal giants preached the Gospel from her pulpit.  She teaches tha the higher you rise in Christ the greater your vision becomes.  And she tells of the early days of Pentecost.  Copyrighted Recording Length:  47 minutes.  Recorded in 1952

Donald Gee Recordings
Title Description Media
Spiritual Gifts

An excellent teaching on spiritual gifts, ministry gifts, and the Holy Spirit.  Recording length:  54 minutes.

Christine A. Gibson Recordings
Title Description Media
The Promises of God

Take a hold of the promises of God, and don't let go!  Copyrighted Recording Length:  55 minutes.


This message of faith comes from a Pentecostal pioneering giant who founded a Bible School that still exists today, Zion Bible College.  Listen to this faith-filled message as Christine describes the walk of faith she took to achieve this mighty victory for the Lord.

The Syro-Phoenician Woman

Christine tells the journey of faith she experienced in founding Zion Bible College.  Copyrighted Recording Length:  60 minutes.

Rev. Christine A. Gibson draws from the example of the Syro-Phonecian woman, teaching on the components of great faith. Speaking of how the disciples tried to drive the woman away from Jesus, Sister Gibson states: "You know, many a person has cast away his or her faith because of disciples? If you are going to trust God to develop a
great faith in you, you'll have to get rid of the opinions of the disciples. You have to overcome people's opinions!"
Then from this platform of scriptural example, Sister Gibson begins to tell the story of how she pioneered Zion Bible College by beginning with nothing more than "a house that hadn't seen paint in years" and "a tumble-down barn," walking around the area by faith and shouting "Beautiful! Beautiful! [In accordance with God's word that tells us to call those things that be not as though they were] I call you BEAUTIFUL!" She shouts, "God is looking for a people who will DARE to believe Him!"
Harold Horton Recordings
Title Description Media
The Naked Splendour of the Cross

Dr. Horton electrified the AOG Council in 1943 with this sermon that he now reads from notes.  Recording Length:  32 minutes.

This sermon was first preached by Horton at the Assemblies of God General Council in 1943, with electrifying results. It was not recorded at the time, but it was taken down and reprinted around the world. In this recording Brother Horton is reading the sermon in the same way a college professor would read a lecture to a class.
This is not one of those recordings you can pop in the CD player in your car as you dash here and there. It is rich with spiritual insight and wisdom. When you listen to this, you need to focus on it fully and prayerfully. Listen to it as though you are a college student listening to a lecture from a wise professor. In this recording, Horton pours a lifetime of Holy Spirit wisdom into your hearing. Every sentence spoken on this recording is full of insight.
Dr. Harold Horton speaks of the centrality of the Cross to every aspect of the Gospel we preach.
He says, "There must be no additions of any sort to aid the work of the Cross. The best of the world, added to the Cross of Christ, fouls it."
He asks, "Is there not a shameful lack of the supernatural in our meetings today?"
Of the gifts of the Holy Spirit, Horton declares, "The nine supernatural gifts of the Spirit are the decorations designed by God to enhance the Glory of the Cross. They are the only decorations permissible."
Now, sit down and give your full attention to this Pentecostal masterpiece:


George Jeffreys Recordings
Title Description Media
A Vital Question

Brief George Jeffreys recording.  Copyrighted Recording Length:  3 minutes 30 seconds. 

Foursquare Gospel

George Jeffreys speaking on salvation, baptism in the Spirit, healing, and return of Christ.  Copyrighted Recording Length:  3:38.

Look Up!

Brief recording of George Jeffreys, evangelist and Pentecostal church founder.  Copyrighted Recording Length:  3 minutes 49 seconds.