T. L. and Daisy Osborn

The Lord raised up T. L. and Daisy Osborn during the Healing Revival of the 1940s and 1950s. T. L. and Daisy began their ministry by going to India--and failing.  They had few converts and realized they needed more than just words to show forth the Risen Christ.  They needed the miraculous power of God.  They returned to the USA and searched out the prominent miracle ministries of the day.  The Osborns saw the power of God first in a Hattie Hammond meeting.  The Lord Jesus Christ appeared to T.L. and thus began the powerful ministry of the Osborns.

Media Files

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A Piece of Miracle History

Ten seconds of silence, followed by T. L. Osborn preaching in Scranton, PA in 1950.  Copyrighted Recording Length:  50 minutes.


Recorded in Scranton, PA in 1950, this is one of possibly only two surviving recordings of Brother Osborn preaching during the Healing Revival. Recording begins with T.L. Osborn giving a fascinating history lesson, explaining the origin of this recording, the Scranton meetings, and the challenges that took place before and during the meetings. Then in the message itself, Brother Osborn preaches on the fundamentals of healing. The message is absolutely excellent.  The recording begins with several seconds of silence. Be patient.

The Believer's Mission of Healing

T. L. tells of his early life and ministry, and of the four visions of Christ God gave him.  Copyrighted Recording Length:  75 minutes.

In this recording Brother Osborn tells us he was born-again at 12, began preaching at 15, married Daisy at 18, and they set off as missionaries together at 21. They returned from India, broken hearted at being unable to reach many Indians for Christ.  Then he sought out meetings where the Holy Spirit was moving in Pentecostal power.  Later, Christ appeared to him in four visions, revealing Himself in four different ways.  As these visions of Christ were burned into his and Daisy's hearts, they set out to evangelize the world.  And great have been the results thereof.  In this recording you begin to learn that healing is the mission of every Christian. The message of this recording is what I've always loved about Brother Osborn's messages.  When he finishes preaching to you, not only do you know that God is still alive and still manifesting His power, but you are prepared to step forward in that power and be a vessel of faith and honor that God can use to His glory.
Never Too Dead For A Resurrection

Daisy Osborn declares that if you are down or depressed it is time to come out of your tomb!  Copyrighted Recording Length:  55 minutes.


Daisy Osborn preaches a message of hope and encouragement to get you to come alive again.  She tells the inspiring story of speaking life into a comatose woman.  The message is timely, scholarly, and well presented.  If you are bored, depressed, or burned-out and are ready to come back to life, this message is for you.