Kenneth E. Hagin

Prophet, Teacher 1917 - 2003

Kenneth Hagin ministered for over 60 years as a prophet and teacher, ministering to millions through crusades, radio broadcasts, books, and tapes. He founded Rhema Bible Training Center. We host the recordings of his services that were held at the Goodwins' church.  There was a longstanding relationship relationship of great affection between the Goodwin and Hagin families.  Shortly after the Homegoing of Oretha Hagin, Dr. Charles Goodwin wrote the following tribute to her memory:

"A Tribute to Oretha Hagin"

Dr. Charles Goodwin

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Media Files

Title Description Media
Hold Fast to Your Confession

Kenneth Hagin teaches on receiving by faith.  Messages in tongues by Hagin interpreted by Dad.  Copyrighted Recording Length:  80 minutes.

A powerful, faith-building message from Brother Hagin on the subject of faith, walking by faith, and receiving by faith.  He exhorts believers to keep believing in their hearts and speaking that for which they are believing God.  Included are a number of very powerful messages in tongues and interpretation. This message will help you to receive whatever you need to receive from God. It all ends with a shout!
Precious Blood of Jesus

A sermon and several songs about the power of Christ's Blood.  Includes several inspired utterances.  Copyrighted Recording Length:  58 minutes.

Brother Hagin preaches on the power of the blood of Christ and why it is precious.  Congregation sings several songs about the Blood.  There are several messages in tongues, interpretations, and prophecies between Brother Hagin and Brother Goodwin. 
What to Do When Faith Seems Weak Part I

The Spirit of God moves and Brother Hagin doesn't get to preach his message.  Copyrighted Recording Length:  45 minutes.

Within a few minutes the Spirit of God begins to move, and Brother Hagin doesn't get to preach any message. Several messages in tongues come from the congregation--exhortations and encouragements directed at Brother Hagin, and Dad Goodwin interprets the messages.
The prophet's ministry comes upon Brother Hagin and you hear him minister to several individuals through prophecy, the word of knowledge, and through other spiritual gifts including speaking messages in tongues with Brother Goodwin interpreting.  He ministers to the man with the "nervous condition," which he refers to numerous times later in his books and sermons.  This provides an excellent example of taking authority over an evil spirit that was oppressing a Christian, in such a way that the man is not embarrassed and the crowd is not confused.
What to Do When Faith Seems Weak Part II

Brother Hagin ministers to individuals through revelations and utterances.  Copyrighted Recording Length: 39 minutes.


In this second part of the service, Brother Hagin continues to minister to individuals through the prophet's ministry.  He speaks out words of knowledge, prophecies, and messages in tongues that Dad Goodwin interprets.

Why People Fall Under the Power

Preaches powerfully on falling in the Spirit.  Prophesies to John and Dodie Osteen and others.  Copyrighted Recording Length:  76 minutes.

Kenneth Hagin preaches powerfully on the subject of people falling under the power, giving examples from the Scriptures, from church history, and from his own ministry experiences. Afterwards, he prophesies to Brother and Sister Goodwin. And the Lord says:
"I'm not through with you yet, Brother and sister Goodwin. For you must teach many . You must introduce the younger generation unto the power of the Spirit of God. So that they shall go forth to speak, and they shall be trained and they shall be instructed in spiritual maters. So that they will be able to maintain balnace. And so it is that the Spirit of God shall be made manifest among His own. Yea, great shall be the company that will go tell it."
Brother Hagin concludes by prophesying to John Osteen, to Dodie Osteen, and prophesies over her also.  Over 30 years have passed since this service and we see that all of these prophecies have come to pass.  Lakewood Church became a great work for God, and Brother and Sister Goodwins' teachings--through these recordings--are still introducing young generations into the power of the Spirit.