Howard Carter

"A Man of Whom the World Was Not Worthy"

Howard Carter of London, England originated much of the teachings about the gifts of the Spirit that are commonly taught in Charismatic circles today.  He is famous for his book, "Questions and Answers on Spiritual Gifts," first published in the 1930s.  He helped to pioneer the Assemblies of God in England and chaired conventions at which his friend Smith Wigglesworth preached.  He oversaw the historic Hamphstead Bible School in Great Britain for 20 years.

Howard Carter had a profound prophetic ministry that stretched over many years.  In his lifetime, he gave 71 public prophecies.  He declared that if even one of his prophecies failed to come to pass, he would never prophesy again.  He never had to stop prophesying, because all of his prophecies came to pass.  Howard and Ruth Carter ministered at the Goodwins' church in the 1960s, and felt a great kinship with Mom and Dad Goodwin.

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Media Files

Title Description Media
Arise Young Man!
Begins with four messages in tongues.  Then Ruth Carter speaks followed by Howard Carter.  Sermon is drawn from Luke 7:11-15.  Copyrighted Recording: 45 minutes.

This is a recording of Howard Carter preaching at the Goodwins' church, First Assembly of God, Pasadena, Texas in 1964.  It begins with two messages in tongues coming from the congregation and two messages in tongues from Sister Goodwin.  Brother Goodwin interprets the messages.  Next, Mrs. Ruth Carter gives a testimony to God's faithfulness, and comments on recent world events which concur with end-time events and Bible prophecy.  Dad Goodwin then introduces Howard Carter.

Daniel in the Deacon's Den
Carter shares his experiences with dancing in the Spirit and tells the story of a revival that broke out in Boston. Copyrighted Recording: 20 minutes.


Carter preached this sermon at Bill Britton's church in Springfield, MO in 1970.  He discusses his attitude, and the attitude of his wife, towards dancing in the Spirit.  Then he tells the story of a great woman of faith that he had mentored, saying, "I wish I had ten men with half her faith." She went with his blessing to Boston, raised up a church, and a revival broke out. People tried to stop the move of God, but God moved anyway. Carter ends by sharing some personal struggles and receiving God's grace to worship and dance before the Lord.


The Holy Spirit's Gifts and Salvation
Comments by Dad and Ruth Carter.  Then Carter shows how spiritual gifts can lead to salvation.  Copyrighted Recording: 49 minutes.


Recorded at the Goodwins' church in 1964. Dad Goodwin speaks first, followed by Ruth Carter.  Howard Carter tells of his early Christian walk, then preaches his sermon with power and humor.  He comments about the Goodwins' church:

"It is a great joy to be in a meeting where the power of God comes down. Where there's liberty. Where the Lord can have His way. This is a wonderful church. I could wish that all the churches that we minister in had such freedom in the Spirit as you enjoy here."

Jacob Have I Loved
Aspects of Jacob's personality that God loved, and that we need to adopt.  Copyrighted Recording: 45 minutes.

Howard Carter preached this message at Bill Britton's church in Springfield, MO in 1970.  In this message, in his home church, Carter shares many wonderful truths about God from the life of Jacob.

The Move of the Spirit
Carter teaches about the Holy Spirit's gift of the Word of Knowledge. Copyrighted Recording: 40 minutes.


In this sermon, recorded at Bill Britton's church in 1971, Howard Carter focuses on the gift of the Word of Knowledge.  He defines this gift as,"an amazing revelation of God's knowledge."  He teaches that sin can be revealed by the Word of Knowledge, stating, "The Word of Knowledge makes the sinners in Zion [Christians living in sin] afraid."




The Need for Apostolic and Prophetic Ministry
Why the Spirit-filled church needs the operation of genuine apostles and prophets. Copyrighted Recording: 39 minutes.
Howard Carter preaches what he calls a "sackcloth and ashes" message, given "in sorrow and grief," to the British Assemblies of God in 1961.  He asserts, and I believe rightly so, that their problem [and ours] is the shunning of genuine apostolic and genuine prophetic ministry.  He notes that most of the apostles and prophets he had known in his life had been run out of the denominations to which they belonged. Carter ends his heartfelt sermon abruptly with, "I cannot continue with my message!"


Three Parables of Christ's Return
A classic Pentecostal message drawn from the three parables of Christ's return in Matthew Chapter 25. Copyrighted Recording: 27 minutes.


In this masterpiece that Carter preached at Bill Britton's church in 1971, he recalls an incident from back in 1920 when he was pastoring a church in London. He also includes a moving story of Nelly, and how in the face of a violent death, the love of God shown through her to her enemy. There are many precious truths in this message that will transform your life if you will take the Lord's instruction deeply into your heart and apply it in your life.


The Word vs. Indescribable Nonsense
Carter teaches "There's a great deal said today that is utter nonsense.  And not according to the Word . . ."  Copyrighted Recording: 25 minutes.
In this sermon that he preached at Bill Britton's church in Springfield, MO in 1970, Carter describes how he prepares his sermons, touches on apostolic and prophetic ministry, spiritual gifts, and tells a fascinating story of an acquaintance, 'Holy Ann' who had was used tremendously in the gift of Faith.  Concerning being a prophet, Carter asks, "How do you get to be a prophet?  I don't know. You don't get to be a prophet.  God chooses you. . .  Every gift of God is chosen by God."