Teaching Articles

Title Description
:Heidi Baker's Uncomfortable Message" Lee Grady's insightful article about evangelist Heidi Baker.
Death, Victory, and the End Times A fresh look at how death and victory may be defined differently in these End Times.
God's True Laws of Financial Prosperity How to apply God's laws of prosperity in order to succeed.
Jesus Should Be Like Santa Who do children trust more--Jesus or Santa?
Let's Quit Dropping the "O" Bomb Let's retire this spiritual weapon believers use against each other.
The (Supposed) God-Given Ministry of False Prophets Some teach that God sends forth today false prophets to deceive us and lead us into damnation. Really?
Where's Julie Now? A heart-felt examination of our motives in ministering to others.
Who is My Enemy? Why we see others, and why they see us, as enemies.
Articles by Dr. Charles Goodwin
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Do We Have the "God Kind of Faith?" Dr. Charles Goodwin and Mel Montgomery examine the "God Kind of Faith" teaching in an interview format.
Examination of Phil 2:6-8, Jesus "Emptied Himself" Dr. Charles Goodwin examines Phil. 2:8-9, referring to the original Greek wording that states Jesus "emptied himself" to see what this scripture means within the whole counsel of God's Word.
Is Physical Healing in the Atonement? Dr. Charles Goodwin draws on his expertise in Koine Greek and theology to answer this question.
The Holy Spirit
Title Description
Imparting Spiritual Gifts Part I How spiritual gifts are imparted and received.
Imparting Spiritual Gifts Part II How spiritual gifts are imparted and received.
Laughing in the Spirit Providing a greater understanding of this spiritual manifestation.
What Elijah Discovered in the Cave Elijah's reaction to unusual manifestations of the Holy Spirit should guide us today.
Prophecies and Visions
Title Description
Prophecy--A Time of Correction A prophecy given concerning God correcting believers and leaders.
Speaking In Tongues
Title Description
Tongues--Always a Sign to the Jews? A study of whether God gave the gift of tongues to serve only as a sign to the Jews.
Tongues--Always in Known Languages? An examination of whether tongues in the bible, and today, occur only in known languages.
Tongues--Cornelius the Gentile A study of the events that occurred at the house of Cornelius.
Tongues--Doorway to the Holy Spirit's Power Speaking in tongues is the first step in developing in spiritual gifts.
Tongues--Ecstatic vs. Inspired Speaking in tongues is always inspired and never ecstatic.
Tongues--Experienced at Samaria? Looking at whether tongues occurred in Samaria when Peter and John ministered.
Tongues--Paul's Experience The Apostle Paul spoke in tongues. Let's consider his views.
Tongues--Prayer Language vs. Public Gift Showing the differences between the two manifestations of tongues--public and private prayer.
Tongues--The Boogeyman Called "False Tongues" We look at whether "false tongues" are real, or just another boogeyman.
Tongues--Throughout Church History Historic references to tongues in the Early Church