Welcome to my website, I'm Brother Mel.
This Website:
I have assembled on this website audios and videos of apostles, prophets, and healing evangelists of yesteryear who shook entire nations with the power of God in their day.  As  you listen to these recordings of the faith giants, you will find that they preached a substantially different Spirit-filled gospel than we Charismatics do today.  Most of these materials were never copied or released to the public before the copyright holders entrusted them to me.  Speakers include:  F. F. BosworthHoward CarterStanley FrodshamDavid Du PlessisMom and Dad GoodwinKenneth E. HaginT. L. Osborn, and others.  In these rare recordings, you hear the faith giants preach, teach, pray, prophesy, give messages in tongues and interpret them, and flow in other spiritual gifts.  (You may access these recordings by clicking on the links above, or by clicking on the Rare Recordings button in the navigation bar at the top of this page).
Partaking of These Rare Materials:
Learning from these faith giants will change your life and ministry.  I had the opportunity to learn from "Mom Goodwin."  She and her husband, J. R. Goodwin sat in Smith Wigglesworth's meetings, and then later spoke into the lives of:  Ralph Wilkerson, Kenneth Hagin Sr., John Osteen, Jack Coe, Billye Brim, Marilyn Hickey, and other national Charismatic leaders.  These individuals believed that the Goodwins' prophetic ministry was the most powerful, biblical, and balanced they had ever seen in their lives.  I was one of the last individuals who was mentored by Mom Goodwin in her final years.
My Audios and Videos:
I feature on this website also my own audios and videos recorded at services and workshops I have held on spiritual gifts.  I teach and demonstrate these spiritual gifts exactly as Mom Goodwin taught and demonstrated them to me.  You hear and see me give messages in tongues, interpret them, prophesy, and operate in other spiritual gifts.  You can access my audios and videos by clicking on "Mel's Media" at the top of this page, or by clicking this link: Mel's audios and videos,
Book and Articles:
My first book, The Genuine Flow:  How the Faith Giants Flowed in the Spirit and How You Can Too is a study guide on spiritual gifts and a biography of Mom and Dad Goodwin.  The Genuine Flow is used as a textbook at Bible Schools in Australia and the UK.  I have written numerous articles primarily about the Holy Spirit and spiritual gifts that will be of benefit to you also.
My second book, The Seven Laws of Balance:  How to Judge Teachings and Ignite a Charismatic Reformationsets forth seven simple bible principles to use in judging whether teachings are biblical.  Dr. Charles Goodwin, the son of "Mom and Dad" Goodwin, has an earned PhD. in Koine' (New Testament) Greek.  He provides theological commentary and simplifies complex theological positions to make them easier for the average leader or believer to understand and apply in their own studies.  Then we apply these Seven Laws of Balance to several common Charismatic teachings to see if they withstand close examination.  Our purpose is not to criticize any Charismatic leader or sub-group, but to give fellow Charismatics the tools to use and see what is biblical and "balanced" and what is not.
Meetings and Workshops:
I am located in Sand Springs, OK (a suburb of Tulsa, OK).  When I can work it into my schedule, I accept invitations to speak at local churches, ministers conferences, and to conduct workshops on spiritual gifts.  I welcome the opportunity to work with pastors to bring their congregations into a greater depth of spiritual gifts and the move of the Spirit in a balanced and biblical way.  You may check my itinerary to see when I will be ministering in your area.
If you would like to be informed when I post other rare recordings or my own materials or when I may be in your area, you may subscribe to my ministry newsletter.  It is sent out every four to six weeks when there are new materials or when the Lord puts something on my heart to share with you.
Accept the Challenge:
I challenge you to set aside the gimmicks, the fads, the extremes, and take deeply into your spirit sound doctrine and the genuine move of the Holy Spirit!  I invite you to join the Charismatic Reformation along with me.  Applying the principles taught and demonstrated in these audios and videos, and in my books, will start you out on an incredible faith journey.
--Brother Mel
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